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I strongly support the Second Amendment and I believe that law-abiding civilians have every right to own hand guns, rifles and shotguns. However, military-style assault weapons like  AK-47’s and AR-15’s have no place in the public marketplace.

A Federal law that requires universal background checks, including at gun shows is a must.  Reinstatement of a law similar to the Brady Amendment is needed, which would also ban the public sale of 20-round clips of high-velocity ammunition.

As for guns in school classrooms...ABSOLUTELY NOT! As an educator, my firm belief is that the focus on campus must be on attaining a quality education for each and every student, without having the distraction of trying to teach and learn in an armed camp.  If a school district has concerns about the safety in its junior high and high schools, protective fencing similar to that which is currently utilized for our elementary schools should be installed. If needed, professional armed security guards can be posted at the entrance(s). But once on campus students, faculty and staff should be free to focus on their primary mission of educating our youth.