Stand strong with Mary Helen Barro for 23rd Congressional District! Together we can move forward and make a difference!


Paid for by Mary Helen Barro for Representative FEC # C00670760

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Mary Helen Barro is dedicated to preserving and expanding the role of the Federal Department of Education to partner with state/local educational institutions and private industry in educating/training young people for both existing, newly developed and future technological employment opportunities.

Mary Helen will target federal education monies to increase the allocation of funding and resources to expand vocational programs, both in high schools and community colleges for those students who wish to dedicate themselves to a trade.  In support of this effort, she will expand partnerships with local trade unions to ensure that students who complete their training can easily transition into meaningful employment.

Mary Helen will work to expand community-based programs to retrain workers that have been displaced due to a job loss or reduction in work hours due to automation or advanced technology.