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As a journalist, I’ve covered several high-profile stories, and served with the Capitol News Corps in Sacramento, as a capitol correspondent for various media entities.  My media career includes managing a cable television system, owning and operating radio stations, as well as leading a highly respected national broadcast trade organization.

While President of the American Hispanic Owned Radio Association (AHORA), I lead three successful foreign trade delegations to Mexico.

Among the national/international achievements I am most proud of, are:

Negotiating with the government of Mexico to adopt pesticide use regulations comparable to those of the United States, which resulted in better protections for farm workers, their families, as well as leveling the playing field for US farmers and growers when competing with Mexican agricultural imports and exports.

I lead the national campaign to overturn the Opinion Molder Rule.  That rule had prohibited any business in the United States what was in media, public relations, advertising…businesses that “influenced public opinion,” from qualifying for SBA loans and loan guarantees.  

I interrupted my professional career for a much more important mission – being the primary care provider for my dear mother during the last ten years of her life.  It was a special time for both of us.  During those years, I also completed my education, earning degrees in Education and Business Administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude from both Bakersfield College and CSU Bakersfield.  I possess a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

During recent years, I have had very satisfying careers in the insurance industry, as a teacher, and I have written grants for non-profit organizations that serve our community, primarily children.  I am also in the process of expanding a family business, that will launch a revolutionary water treatment process throughout the United States.

Which brings me to the declaration of my candidacy to represent the constituents of the 23rd Congressional District.  You may ask, “Why?”  Because I sincerely believe that the 23rd District lacks the representation it deserves, and because our families and young students need a voice in Congress; a true representative that will honestly champion their causes and will put them above personal ego and political, partisan gains.

Accepting yet another monumental challenge at this stage of my life is very exciting.  Throughout the years, I have been blessed and presented with wonderful experiences and opportunities to serve my community.  

While in the aerospace industry, I provided administrative support that coordinated engineering changes to the Titan I and II Ballistic Missiles for the Gemini and Apollo missions to the moon.

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